I grew up in wunderful Galilee, between Olive Trees, Mediterranean Sea and See of Galilee. After my banker apprenticeship I decided to start my mission on arts.

In year 1974 I visited first courses of painting, before I took courses at Art Academy Bezalel in Jerusalem. In 1981 I decided to relocate to Berlin in Germany, where I graduate as Master of Arts with Excellence in Class of Prof. Marwan.

After a long journey as an expressionistic artist in Europe, with focus in Germany, I went back to my home in Galilee, where I am still painting.


– Painter and Artist

“In Europe widely known is the painter Osama Said.” Baedeker Guide Israel/Palestine


The focus of my artworks is in the telling of stories. They show interpretations of present social influences to mankind.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in the year 1957 in Nahf, Galilee

1976/77: A-levels Rameh Grammar School

1978-1980: Bank apprenticeship at Barclays Bank

1980: Art courses in Bezalel Academy of Art Jerusalem

1981: Move to Germany

1982: Start of art studies at the Berlin University of the Arts

1988: Master of Arts degree at the Berlin University of the Arts

1989-1990: Nafög Scholarship (Promotion of young talent by the Berlin Senate)

1990 1998: Freelance artist in Berlin

1998-2009: Art teacher at various colleges in Galilee

2009-2011: Gallery owner of the Galerie Phoenix in Potsdam

2011-2015: Freelance artist

2015-2016: Head of the youth centre for art education

2016-2019: Programme Manager and Lecturer for Art at the University of Haifa



The painttechnic of Osama Said is based on different ways in wich he tries to reach a strong expression to make a constant influence on the watcher.

The materiel density and the strong colors are special for his creations. He reduces the number of colors and forms to a minimum to give an intensive an concentrated artwork.

He is avoiding theatrical and artificial effects, because they have a shorter influence by the watcher, because he tend to a humility nature and prefer a silent speech.

The thick paintmaterial reaching a deepness and replaces the third dimension, wich is relating on bluff the eyes. His style is influenced from the Islamic artphilosophy, which is based on two dimensions and the perspective of believe.

German realism and so many years of studies and living in Germany influenced his abstract expressionist style.

Most of his topics taken from the palestinian reality and the geografical memory of the artist. The colors and forms of his paintings fusion with the pain of the Palestinians. The very strong black lines which goes through his paintings are building a higher tension and give a strong coherence of the composition. Especially he uses large formats and his pictures are showing endurance, intentness and hope.

This is Dr. Peter Gottschau, a German philosopher, saying:

“The painting of Osama Said inspire animus and are bringing light into the darkness. Not because the call of duty, but in comes from inside necessity, which cause and origin comes from the history of Palestinian destiny.”